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Donate to Guinea is a non-profit NGO, dedicated to providing support and access to education and nutrition to children, youth, and adults living in poverty throughout communities in the capital region of Guinea.

Many young people aspire to play sports and love the game, but they lack the equipment needed to train and/or join local teams. Donate to Guinea helps to build the bridge between the athlete's goals and their needs to help take their minds off the constant worry over acquiring sports equipment. 


Education and food insecurity for Guinea’s youth is also a major problem. Many families struggle to send their children to public schools, much less private schools due to the lack of access to resources and funding to secure tuition and/or monthly allowance for lunch. Donate to Guinea aims to enhance access to education by reducing barriers to school enrollment, increasing students’ ability to concentrate during the school day, and improving learning outcomes. Donate to Guinea addresses barriers to education and food security by  securing school supplies, meal programs, and sponsored tuition for selected children on an annual basis. 

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